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Tired of trying to keep your life in balance? Never having enough time to do the important things?.
Do you want digital accountability to keep you engaged and help you achieve those time goals?
Always getting deep into work, and forgetting self-care, or friendships, or leisure, or the opposite, finding yourself procrastinating and not being as productive as you would like in work hours?

TimeRichMe will help you put what is important front and centre of your life. It will help you build time management habits for time abundance. So that you are productive at work and also have a life full of joy and plenty of time for friends, hobbies, travel, creativity and leisure.

Choose your Goals

Self care and growth

More couple time

Time to think

More productive at home

Hobbies and passion projects

Do more new things

No procrastination

Less time on household tasks

More time for sleep

More leisure time

Feel more relaxed / Less time pressure

More time with friends

Have more unclaimed time

More productive at work

More family time

Improve work-life balance

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How many times do you go out with friends a month.

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How many hours do you spend on hobbies a week.

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wow I spend a
fair amount of
time with family a

How can TimeRichMe help?

Not enough time for the things that matter to you?

Timerichme is a gamified site that helps you build better time habits so that you feel more TimeRich every day.

With TimeRichMe you can learn more effective time management and gain more time into your life. You can add and track more of the activities that matter to you: more time for hobbies, creative time, time for sports, time for friends, leisure time, self-care time, more time for family. You can learn better habits regarding time management. We also design missions based on the science of time perception, meant to make your brain feel less pressure and more time abundance.

How does it work?

You can start by choosing your goals, then fill in the questionnaire. TimeRichMe will make mission recommendations based on your data.

In your Goals page, you can see your current goals and mission recommendations. You can always add more goals or remove some, to keep more focused. You can add or remove missions, in fact please feel free to experiment with a variety of missions, read through them, and then pick some to focus on.

Turning a mission into a challenge

You can choose a mission to create a new time abundance habit, and read through it.

Concept will tell you more about the mission. Expectations will tell you what you can expect while doing this mission. Challenge will tell you a bit about the steps required to complete this mission in challenge mode.

Mission steps


You will then choose the number of steps, that is the number of times you will do mission steps to turn the mission into a new habit. Setting the number of steps will set the challenge for you.


A challenge is a journey you go through, trying to build a habit into your life. In the challenge below we have chosen 30 steps, so we have 30 stepping stones to do until getting the Badge for this mission.

Challenges steps shows

Each time you click on a stepping stone you can see all the steps you can do for this mission.

You can add one or multiple steps at a time. Some steps are preparatory, while others involve getting a particular action done.

For example, for exercising, you can set a schedule, pick various types of exercise - this also counts as progress. Or you can just exercise.

It’s up to you how you use the steps - some people like doing the entire planning process, as they feel this gives them more chances in sticking to this habit. So they prefer planning time and adding topics somewhere, and treating the mission like a project.

Other people prefer just getting it done, so they will mostly do the exercise phase. There is no right or wrong for this. You might also want to record doing a step that helped you in your journey that was not part of your recommended steps. Perhaps you listened to a podcast about a new fitness routine, bought some equipment or organized your own little fitness corner, which will help you achieve this more often.

This planning process and getting it done steps you will encounter in all types of missions. For missions to reconnect with friends, the planning process might involve having at the ready or brainstorming a list of new places you want to visit, based on your and your friend’s interests. Getting it done means meeting.

Creating strong habits for time management

It might take days, weeks or months to solidify a habit. This depends on how often you return to record a step in TimeRichMe.

Remember, it is not about finishing fast, rather about building the habit to get the badge. When you have finished, a badge will be added to your Profile.

You can always restart a challenge if you feel it is not yet a solidified habit, or you would just like to track your progress. It is quite normal for people with certain “natural” tendencies to need to challenge themselves repeatedly to balance their time use out with the other type of tasks. For example, for “workaholics” (we aren’t judging), it is quite normal to fall back into working hard patterns and need to track leisure habits and time for friends a few times before these habits become ingrained, and these parts of their lives more integrated. (And after a few years in balance, when more stressful life situations appear, it is quite normal for people to fall back into their patterns and need a “refresher”).

Finally, you can see your challenges in the Challenges tab. Here you can see challenges you started, and how many steps you did. If you find that you have started too many things, you can save some of these challenges for later. You can see new challenges here, and challenges you have completed.

More wellbeing, better habits, more time abundance

In time, you will get better at making TimeRich decisions and feel like you can get back more of the time in your life to spend it on what really matters to you.

If you want more time, Start missions today and let TimeRichMe work its magic on you.

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