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Go get one project - Make massive progress

There will be times when you do get impatient, or over-excited about something that you want to make happen.

When you've worked in a balanced way for a while, and you want a big gain to break the routine, or you simply want to make much more progress than normal in a project that is especially dear to you.

When you want to see that project grow, or more, you require it to grow fast, for your own confidence to be restored or strengthened.

They are also times when there is one project that has been dragged on and on and on for what it feels like forever! You just want to close this project, get it done and our of the door, and you know that if you spread its activities over time it will take too long, or you may lose momentum.

These are the times when it is okay, for a short while, to laser focus on a project, and attempt to make a breakthrough on it in a short span of time.

To make this happen though, you must get rid of the noise. Delegate the existing projects, finish them beforehand, or re-schedule them on different days. Create a magic space (in your time) for your project to exist uninterrupted. Let this time be one of full focus, and enable yourself to make the best progress possible by getting rid of any other unnecessary clutter occupying your time, and postponing low priority activities.

After you chose your project and carved out a time zone for it, make a list of the steps that you would like to take in your project. This list might not be complete. It might be too long or too short. It might have unnecessary steps on it. That's fine. Just make a list, so that there's something about the project that you can grab at.

Then step into the time you dedicated to your project, and start accomplishing the steps you set out in your project list. Let yourself be picky - if something feels unnecessary, or new items seem like they need to be added, update your list. Ask yourself, whenever you are picking a new step to accomplish: is this step truly necessary for me to accomplish this project’s main goals? Is this step part of the core of the project or am I avoiding the core by working on "fluff”?  Make sure to dedicate most of your productive time to the core, and take care of the "fluffy" tasks later in the day, when you are tired and can use an activity that doesn't demand so many of your energy and mental resources.

At the end of your allocated time, if you have made progress much faster but are not yet done, let yourself take in the stage you are now at. You can even write a report to your future self about where you left things off, while things are fresh in your mind.

This will let you include the next steps of the same project at a slower pace in your normal calendar routine, or help you be prepared for the next time you want to focus only on your project and push it further.

It is recommended that you don't focus on a project alone for too long, as when doing so we can lose perspective after a while. Try to integrate the project, at its current stage, in your normal routine. This way you won't set yourself up for failure by cultivating a mentality of "I can only work on this project when I am 100% focused on it".

But most of it enjoy! Enjoy the time spent on it, enjoy the flow and the immersion. And enjoy yourself and your results.

You may practice having one priority project that you put a lot of energy in and get lots of progress done for at a time, while you keep going at a normal pace with other projects; and rotate which project gets extra attention every week or month.

When you are ready to make high levels of progress on a project, go to the mission.

Do a mission to implement the concept of Go get one project now.

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04 Nov

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