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Time Management for Time Abundance
At TimeRichMe we believe that everyone is entitled to a non-rushed life, in which they get to take care of their needs and life goals in a recurrent, reliable manner. We believe an important part of wellbeing is being able to move through things in an authentic manner, at our own pace.
While we understand that there is value in discomfort, we also believe that growth happens when we both challenge ourselves, but manage to make things comfortable enough to have room to grow and learn and improve. When living in a hectic way, we are mostly focused on survival (from one task to the next, from one day to the next), and we don’t have enough resources to truly grow in peace. We believe in intentional challenges, rather than in chaos and continuous discomfort and overwhelm.
We believe we are all worthy of living comfortable, challenging and authentic lives, in which we feel like we get to accomplish our most deeply held goals.
Our time management for time abundance philosophy mixes up:
  • Goal orientation - always know what your goals are, in your personal life too, and don’t let your personal life be “moved around” by your work life; We believe it is important to feel productive at work. But also important to feel productive, non-rushed and accomplishing things in our own lives. Because the work environment is inherently more structured and makes clearer and more deadline tight demands upon us, it is easy to forget about the rest of our lives, and focus on just being successful at work.
  • Time blocking for life goals first; we can only gain so much satisfaction through our work. There needs to be time for all of our needs to be met, for all of our personality sides to shine, for our integral lives to be embraced. This time only truly exists if we commit to it. Else we will end up procrastinating to get it, or being not so productive at work because our personal needs are not met, or trying to meet certain personal needs through work (some of which is possible and some of which isn’t)
  • Planning - making plans for our life and work, with our life containing our work. Life must come first, but we also need to be diligent enough to make clear and precise plans about our lives. Whether these come to pass exactly as we set out or not is immaterial. The precision shows that we know enough about ourselves and put enough diligence into the rest of our lives to make our holistic goals matter. If in the moment our plans need adapting, this is just a normal learning process about ourselves, what we actually wanted, our environment, etc. But planning is essential, as it is a dialogue with one’s self about one’s own desires, needs, and how these matter.
  • Productivity - actually doing what you set out to do; a JUST DO IT spirit. Some forms of resistance need to be embraced and questioned as they represent something deeper in ourselves. But many forms are just noise from our previous habits. Dare to do things differently, today, just do it! Don’t use your beliefs to drag yourself back into how you used to do things. Just do it - that is active creation of the self - and see how your beliefs fall in line with what you did to tell you how you are, in fact, this awesome productive goal driven and calm person.
  • Slow movement - sometimes the key to not feeling rushed is not rushing through things to get there faster. This is much easier said than done, given that our impulse generally tells us to go faster to cope with everything that is being thrown at us. Moving slowly, declaring what is or will be enough for us to consider the goal achieved and not moving that around, setting boundaries are all part of the toolkit of a healthy time management hygiene and help us maintain our wellbeing. Because many hard working success driven individuals (us too) find this hard, this leads us to
  • Habit creation - we believe it takes time learning to put our lives first, and it is messy to establish new habits. Progress is rarely linear, and we are here to support you with our accountability tools, and cheer you along the way. If you fell down the horse, fell away from a habit, just climb back up onto it! There doesn’t need to be any shame or criticism involved, falling back into old habits a few times before solidifying new ones is completely natural.
  • Techniques - Smart time management techniques are important. We dig far and wide to bring you the best time management and time abundance techniques there are. We discuss techniques with coaches worldwide. We find out which techniques work for you, and share them with the community. Great wise time hacks save us time, and can be learned. Learn the best time management and time abundance techniques with us. That being said, they cannot be learned over night so
  • Accountability is key. Being able to track our progress when applying a specific technique or going towards a goal. It is easy to get lost in the day to day and not keep track of the wider narrative of our lives. We might be winning on the day to day in our work, but are we actually winning on the bigger picture of our lives, or sacrificing the important for the urgent and some easy wins? We set accountability tools for you, where you can track your progress in one specific skillset over a longer span of time.
Finally, the best way to understand time management for time abundance is to experience it. Go ahead, set your Goals.

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