101.19 Go get one project

There will be times when you do get impatient, or over-excited about something that you want to make happen.

When you've worked in a balanced way for a while, and you want a big gain to break the routine, or you simply want to make much more progress than normal in a project that is especially dear to you.

When you want to see that project grow, or more, you require it to grow fast, for your own confidence to be restored or strengthened.

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101.20 Non-exhaustion policy

Most of us productive and workaholic people (yes, one can be productive without being workaholic), are guilty of this one behaviour, which singlehandedly makes us be tired way more often than we need to be. We don’t know when we have worked enough. Or, more accurately, we establish a bad marker for what it is “enough” done in one day.

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