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Mission: Work and Play

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| Concept

A clear division between work and play time will help you enjoy both work and play much more.

Whenever you work for too long, you become unproductive, your sharp edge becomes a blunt instrument and you hack away at various tasks with an aimless, zombie-like feeling. People in your life might start to complain, or parts of you might start to complain because they are not receiving the attention they need.

The solution is clear: setting clearer boundaries between work and play. Knowing exactly when you should be done and stopping work. No excuses. Of course, the practice is slightly harder than the theory. This is why in this mission you will stop talking about creating a balance, and actually practice your balance.

| What to Expect

You might at first feel guilty for not working as long as before. You might definitely feel swamped with much more to do and not know when to do it. This calls for being more productive during the time which you have set for actual work, and eliminating distractions. For this, you can check the other missions.

However, most importantly, you will regain some of your evenings and weekends. After practicing this, you will feel you have more time, and that the world does not collapse if you stop overworking. You will learn to look forward to your time off

See blogpost Keeping the boundaries between Work and Play.

| Challenge

You are to set clear boundaries. These involve two steps:

         1. Deciding a time for when you should be done with your work every day;

         2. Deciding which part of your weekend should be spent completely off work;

Set these two up for yourself, then go ahead and take the challenge.

| Setting Challenge Steps

Select how many times you wish to practice the skills in this challenge in order to build a habit around them.

After completing this challenge you will gain skills and earn a badge for your profile.

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