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| Concept

To create the life we want, sometimes we must take the helm of our lives and make sure the things we want to fit in have a space. In this step, we will fit into your life one of your dream activities that you previously did not find the time for.

This does not have to be a very long activity – it is something to which dedicating 1-2 hours per week will give you satisfaction. It has to be something pleasant that you are interested in doing, and that does not take great effort.

If you can find a slot for it in your schedule, do so, and make it a real appointment. This time can be normally recovered from joyless but routine "entertainment", like watching TV, staring at facebook walls, doing grocery shopping 5 times a week because you forgot things, when you could probably do it much less often, and others such time wasters.

If your schedule really can't fit anything more, and there is no wasteful space in your calendar, you will have to look at something you can eliminate. Something you don't do with joy anymore, or that isn't that necessary, urgent or fulfilling. Remember, we must make room for your dream life somehow, so you can't just hang on to all your previous activities and habits and still have all your dreams on top.

If you find yourself reluctant to replace an activity with your dream activity, just try it for a week or two, and see how you feel.

| What to Expect

Feeling one of your dream activities is back within grasp will give you energy and hope! You might now start seeing new possibilities for making other things happen in your life. And step by step, we will get there, to a point were most of your life feels as satisfying as this activity feels like. This is supposed to give you a taster of things to come, and reward you for the good work you put in until now.

A normal reaction is to have lots of ideas for other things to do. Write them down if you must, but remember that habits are built slowly. Sometimes trying to create too big a change at once might fail and make you return your old habits. If you try to implement other changes at the same time, make sure your budget, work/play balance and relationships are balanced enough to take it.

Sometimes it can happen that you freeze up and are unable to start your dream activity, especially if you attach tremendous importance to it. In this case, we suggest starting with something that doesn't feel as risky (or as rewarding and important) as to make you stuck in guilt or fear. Start with something pleasant, but that doesn't hold as much importance to you as the thing you feel blocked about. We will desensitize you slowly to your own blocks, and you will get to do the other stuff you want as well.


See blogpost Dream activity to get into a more inspired mood.

| Challenge

1. Establish one thing that you would like to fit into your schedule. This can be something repetitive, pleasant and interesting, that doesn't require much effort. Example activities are: reading your favorite books or magazines, practicing some sport (a light one if you are not in shape yet), dancing, watching favorite movies, going out with someone that is important to you, or developing a hobby or a skill (case in which you shouldn't be perfectionist about it).

2. Find some time in your schedule to dedicate for it. Put it in your calendar, announce the people that were previously used to your availability that you will be busy at that time. It can be Gaming Evening, or Reading Evening, or Going for a Walk Thursday, or Paintball Saturday, Shopping Mall Day, or Girls Cocktail Night. In fact, if you give it a name it will be even easier for both you and other people to understand, remember it, and respect it. Keep the boundaries up on it.

3. Do it again, even if you fail to show up to your activity for a few weeks. Come back to it. Enjoy it. Feel in control of your time and happiness while doing it.

| Setting Challenge Steps

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