Mission: Priorities first

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| Concept

In this mission, you will focus on making a priorities list. Dedicating prime time - time in which you have lots of energy and mental acuity - to your most important activities will help you make real progress in them before your clarity and determination get spoiled by all the little things you need to attend to. This habit will do nothing short of changing your life, by finally letting you get to the things you have previously only dreamt of achieving. 

| What to Expect

Implementing this will let you experience a period of great productivity, on the things that matter most to you. Making progress on the things that truly matter will, in turn, make you feel more hopeful and confident that you can achieve your real goals, and that perhaps they are not such a long shot after all. 

For extra powerful results, couple this mission with using the Mosquito Tasks mission. Make sure to act on your priorities as early in the day as you can, when you have lots of energy, while postponing the mosquito tasks for non-prime time. The two missions together will make sure you are accomplishing what is important, while not worrying on dropping the ball on some of the little things. They will give you new energy, and help you feel like you are finally on track and taking the important things for you seriously again!

See blogpost Do Priorities First to feel your day is a success.

| Challenge

1. Make a priorities list. It can be as short as you like. It can even contain only one item if you like to.

2. Dedicate a repeating time slot in your calendar to priority achieving time. Ideally, this is in the morning and repeats every day. However, you can probably still get results with a couple of slots a week. You can use whatever you like in your calendar to either make explicit or mask the nature of this time. It can be marked as “focus time” if you are comfortable talking to your boss/colleagues/family about your need to spend quality time on your priorities, or it can be “Project X”. As long as it’s marked and you use it for what you decided to use it for, it is yours! 

3. Get clear on what the activities are that will let you achieve your priority. If you need to, use the first time slot to brainstorm steps. Then make a list of these steps. And use each end of the session to update the list for the next steps. 

4. Complete your priority activities. 

5. If you get dragged back into other obligations and urgent matters, and you feel your time just got stolen away, make sure to work on a priority immediately after, even if just a little bit of time is left of your day. Do not give up! Any bit of progress in your priorities will make you feel like you care about what is truly important to you, and you are really making progress in your life.

| Setting Challenge Steps

Select how many times you wish to practice the skills in this challenge in order to build a habit around them.

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