Mission: Work in work-time

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| Concept

The concept of this mission is deceptively simple, yet not necessarily easy to implement. You have to work in work time - focused on what you want to achieve, no procrastination. But you also have to make sure you do your best not to allow for work to spill into play time. And that you use your play time well.

Of course this doesn't mean that you should be going out there doing mad stuff - though feel free to do so if that is what you truly want. But you need to do things that you truly enjoy in your free time. Keep focusing and being serious about play time too.

Work without procrastinating in your work time, and don't let others push your play time around just because you have actually finished your work and they feel you should keep on being busy. Enjoy the benefits of being truly off work: when you are having a nice relaxing or exciting evening, other people that where reading and chatting about the news for two hours at work will have to work during their evenings.

| What to Expect

Without the pressure to work in your play time, you will experience yourself as being more present in your time off, and in activities with your dear ones. When you are convinced that you will tackle work things at work, you will get used to setting your brain free from it when not at work. 

You will delve deeper into your fun time, and you may start discovering more about the things you actually like. More importantly, you will feel fueled, rather than split between two worlds.

See blogpost Work time & Playtime - overcome procrastination.

| Challenge

You can start this at both ends. You can start it by focusing on not procrastinating in your work time - so that you feel less pressure to work in your play time. Or, if you feel overworked (and having a very little drive to do anything can be a result of that), you can start with focusing on making your play time more enjoyable.

| Setting Challenge Steps

Select how many times you wish to practice the skills in this challenge in order to build a habit around them.

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