Work-Life Balance

Congratulations! You have completed the first set of missions in Time Rich Me 101 and have built the foundation of becoming Time Rich. You have mastered time management skills, and you have increased your awareness of how you use your time, thereby furthering your personal development.

TimeRichMe 201 has a new set of missions with more advanced time management skills to master. In this courrse, you will establish more time-saving routines and increase your productivity, improving your quality of life. As you integrate these habits into your life, your work-life balance will improve, and you will gain a new abundance of time.

Building New Habits

TimeRichMe 101 built the foundation of time management; TimeRichMe 201 ensures that you carry it forward with more advanced principles and concepts. TimeRichMe 201 contains twenty more missions that use the same habit-building method to teach you time management techniques.

Time Rich Me created each mission to align with your daily activities. By continuing to practice challenges, you will feel an increase in work-life balance, gaining clarity over what matters, ensuring your use of time is an authentic expression of your desires, joys, and talents, not just your commitments.

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How To Use Missions

Pick one or more missions from TimeRichMe 201 and begin practicing. Progress is not linear. Time Rich Me missions require repetition to create lasting change in your life, and each Time Rich Me mission is essential. If you commit to a regular practice of Time Rich Me missions, you will see an exponential improvement in the quality and quantity of your free time.

The Benefit Of Missions

Time Rich Me 201 will improve your time management techniques, your relationship with time, your work-life balance, and your time abundance. The mission habit trackers help keep a steady record of your progress and hold you accountable and meeting your goals. Begin practicing today to see significant growth in your time management skills and peace of mind.

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