Time rich or Time poor?

Here you can test how time rich or time poor you are! Just click on a number from 1 to 5 depending on whether you identify yourself as closer to the statement on the left side or the statement on the right side.

I do not feel in control. I am constantly reacting to what the world and others throw at me.
My time is my own to do with as I please.
I am often anxious, wondering if I will get everything done.
I regularly feel relaxed, knowing that I have enough time to do the things I need to do.
I am always behind on something, sometimes to the point of being embarrassed or feeling guilty.
I am on schedule or ahead of schedule with my projects.
I feel rushed most of the time, even at home or when having fun.
I pace myself at work and move leisurely through fun activities.
Every morning I go into work and tackle whatever mountain of tasks happen to be in front of me.
I have identified my most valuable activities and established goals for my work.
I am stuck in my work, no matter what the weather is like or what opportunities for enjoyment are available.
I can take time to relax in the sun on a surprisingly nice day.
I am always in a hurry, trying to chew faster or wishing I could be fed by tube.
I have time to savor at least two meals every day.
I worry about falling behind at work if I take time off.
I tend to use all the holiday time that I am given.
I only make time for deep thoughts when major events happen.
I find quiet time during each day to think.
I am always rushing toward some goal in the future, believing that if I just get through this one more thing at break-neck speed, then I will be closer to my dreams.
I am taking concrete steps to live out my dreams now.
I accept urgent tasks from others when I actually need to focus on my own projects.
I say “yes” only to activities that matter to me, match my priorities, and fit my schedule.
I feel stuck in the same old actions and thoughts. Gap years, exploration, and fun are only for the very young, the irresponsible, or those with bigger savings accounts than mine.
I have time to pursue hobbies, explore new venues, and learn new information.
I work so much that I’m a rare sight for the friendly eyes of those most important to me.
I purposely make time for my family and friends.
I have a bucket list in my head but haven’t gotten around to doing any of the items on it, because I don’t have enough time or money.
I maintain an active bucket list which I frequently update with the things I’m doing and seeing.
I feel like my dreams are indefinitely postponed.
I experience joy and celebration in my daily life.
If I had enough money and time, I might take off to southeast Asia and change my life completely!
Even with more money or time, I would live my life just as I do now (though perhaps with a few tweaks and extra indulgences).
My life is dull… or I stay awake until 3am trying to catch up on fun, only to find myself tired and less productive at work the next day.
I currently have enough fun in my life.
My work and play often spill over into one another.
I keep to set times for working and set times for playing.
I frequently overschedule myself with my own or other people’s work.
I am comfortable saying “no” if I am already busy.
I constantly feel that I have too many little tasks that I will never finish.
I have a system to help me stay on top of tasks and prevent me from constantly worrying about them.
I joggle between multiple tasks at the same time and as a result cannot get any of the tasks completed
I concentrate on the task at hand, and don’t divert my attention to other distractions
I work for long hours without taking a break because I feel that taking breaks is a waste of time
I take regular breaks when I'm working to rejuvenate myself and focus better on the task at hand.