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It means you feel there is enough time in your life to do everything you want, or at least the important things in all the parts that interest you.

It means you don't feel you are behind. If anything, you kinda surprise yourself with managing to fulfill some of your craziest wishes that for other people seem hard to attain (when in the hell she got time to do that?)

It means you don't feel harassed, you don't feel rushed, you are calm and know where you are going and what you are going to do.

It means you can breathe, and feel your life is "occupied" with the important things, aligned with what matters to you.

It means you don't feel you are compromising, neither you are postponing your holidays or dreams to that illusory some other time when you are not so busy, or retirement.

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It means you have time to think deeply (if that is what you're into), or just play or do nothing. And sometimes it comes with the fact that others might look at you as if you are some kind of a rebel or weird phenomenon they don't quite understand. You look on top of things at work, yet you also look like you have time for fun and different experiences, and spending time with the people you most enjoy and care about.

It means you feel grounded, on top of things, and connected. You have time to keep yourself healthy, and plenty of time in case of emergency popping up in your life to deal with it.

It means you perceive your life as full and accomplished, as preserving that feeling of magic, deep enjoyment and exploration, as going in the direction in which you desired it to go. It means you have time to enjoy yourself and do those things you always wanted now.
It means you don't put things off and, if you do, you trust yourself you will do them, because you already proved it to yourself that you will.

It means you live your life and your life reflects you, you don't just feel like a passenger that is being dragged from one place to another, abused with an activity or another that the environment imposes on you.

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