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Welcome to challenges! This is the place you’ve been waiting for, the place you become a time hero Fly the world icon 😊. You will save yourself from procrastination and gain yourself new time for the things that truly matter to you, and a great new life!

How challenges work

The first step to getting good habits regarding work life balance is to set goals here.

Based on your goals you will receive recommended missions. If you selected some of these, read through the concept and set the amount of steps you would like to practice this new habit for, your time management missions would save here, under started challenges.

After you set your goals and start some challenges, You will see your challenges page like this:

Here you can also find new challenges to try on (or you can pick missions in your Goals page). See effective time management habits you have already practiced  by checking out challenges you have already completed. Little by little, you will gain mastery over the way you are using your time.

The first step is to select your goals:

Why challenge yourself?

Wonder what will finally make you stick to those new fitness routines, make more time for friends, find self-care time, learn German, spend regular quality time with your family, be more productive, find room for creativity or discover more things on a day to day basis?

It is creating new habits, that support your deep authentic wishes for growth.

Sometimes we get excited for a change, this change lasts a while (mostly while we are excited to implement it and it is a new thing), and then after some time we realise that although we made some initially great progress, we didn’t solidify that good habit. Where would we have all been progress wise if only we would have practiced that foreign language more regularly, or data skills, or fitness, or made more time to treat ourselves better? Much further ahead probably.

Consistency is key when setting a new habit, trying to establish balance and make room for everything we want in out lives. Sometimes the hard thing is not to do this new thing we want, but to make sure it becomes something we do on a regular basis. And further, that we have enough room and flexibility to switch between a variety of ways of investing our time throughout the day.

Switching between activities requires switching mindsets. It requires going from the you that wants to make progress at work, which you might be in contact with now, to the you that wants to make time for relaxation, or the you that needs connection, or from the you that is disciplined to the you that is artistic. Practicing flexibility when switching between this roles is key to obtaining work life balance (and work family balance, and work life family friend hobbies balance too).

TimeRichMe acts like your accountability system in this regard. You can add the types of activities you would like to make consistent using the missions and challenges, and make sure in this dashboard that you alternate between practicing them - thus obtaining balance and flexibility.

Start the process by selecting your Goals.

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