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Dream activity to get into a more inspired mood

Sometimes routine envelops us and we find ourselves without hope that things will ever get better. Compared to the things we told ourselves we will do, our life, though something to be quite content with in many ways, might seem like is falling short. How are we supposed to feel that we will ever get to the part when our dreams start happening, if we are barely able to cope with the tasks we currently have on our plate?

In order to encourage ourselves and bring back that feeling of possibility, we must prove to ourselves that things won't always be the same, that we care about all those dreams that we have, and in fact, changes are happening right now in a positive direction.

The fastest way to bring our mind into a more content and hopeful state is to bring back one of our dream activities, and anchor it well in our current daily or weekly routines.

Many things that we enjoy wouldn't cost a lot to make happen. In fact, the general thing that we are "waiting for" in order to make them happen is a feeling that we have more time for them, and a better, sometimes more inspired mood.

However, the opposite is also true. If only we start making these activities happen, we create reliable time for ourselves to spend time on them, we get in a more inspired mood, and feel like we have more time.

A dream activity can be anything that you miss and know you would enjoy, anything that you would do if only you had more time. It can be going for walks in a beautiful park, taking a certain nice book you've been promising yourself to read for a while to your favourite coffee shop, starting a new hobby or continuing an old one, going to the local pool for swimming, or anything else.

Find one dream activity, establish a slot in your time for it, make it happen, and see how you feel. Don't think of it as self-indulgence. It might be just the kind of motivation that will help you to reach other, more important dreams as well.

Do a mission to implement the concept of Dream activity now.

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04 Mar

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